“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu

Your Strategy Portal

What we provide within Your Strategy Portal is content / valued insight into what we consider to be fundamental marketing strategies that businesses and marketers need to address to achieve success today.
Many marketers today are drowning in information flow coming from multiple sources and feeds many of which are nothing more than a distraction and often of limited relevance or value.
Whilst much of it is credible the process of filtering and reading of multiple content feeds is time consuming and a drain on our productivity.
What we provide within Your Strategy Portal is a structured and filtered curated approach to searching and absorbing valued content around developing , deploying and benchmarking
your business to fundamental marketing strategies.

Through this consolidated filtered knowledge lens we aim to assist marketers to centre their search for strategic insights and ideas and in doing so improve their work time productivity.
In addition to Marketing Search providing content we will also be including contributions from our community of stakeholders of marketing service providers , business marketers and specialist experts .
Guest posts will also be considered for inclusion subject to meeting strictly with the posting criteria.

Stay informed about developing trends
Develop personalisation in your marketing
Earn trust and attention
Develop great user design and experience
Arrest customer leakage
Automate and improve productivity
Develop story telling and smart distribution
Differentiate for competitive advantage
Use data to support better decisions
Manage and change your mindset