“A project without a critical path is like a ship without a rudder.” ~ D. Meyer

Your Project Optimiser

This section is all about providing business owners and their marketers with a simple project framework to benchmark against to reduce the risks and costs that are typically associated with poor outsource or general project management.
In marketing there are many issues to consider and failure to pay attention of one of the key process steps can seriously jeopardise a project outcome and success.
We recommend actioning 10 essential steps to follow and as a guide towards achieving better practice with your marketing projects especially those you are outsourcing to service providers.
By clicking on each subject matter header you will be presented with a curated portfolio of related business intelligence content that will support and assist you in optimising project outcomes.

Define your Project
Research and prepare business case
Get stakeholder buy-in
Workshop your project
Preparing project briefs
Search & shortlist partners
Set performance measures & reporting
Set remuneration and contract agreement
Meet with your partner teams
Monitor and report performance