“Make time for planning: Wars are won in the general’s tent.” Stephen R. Covey

Your Marketing Planner

This section is all about providing marketers with valued insights, templates and tools that support the development of many of the key issues a Marketing Plan needs to address.

The preparation of marketing plans takes time, however is essential to knowing and thinking where a business needs to be headed.

The benefits of planning include (from McDonald, Marketing Plans, 1999):

To help identify sources of competitive advantage
To force an organised approach
To ensure consistent relationships
To inform
To get resources
To get support
To gain commitment
To set objectives and strategies
To spell out the desired mix of products and services

In the era of digital marketing, it is increasingly important to use planning as a means of discovering and best harnessing the new found powers of digital strategies. Information is accessed and absorbed differently by both consumers and businesses alike, and so the entire process of planning digital marketing needs to be assessed accordingly.

In a fast-changing and increasingly digitalised world, the need to re-evaluate your market competitiveness and planning more frequently is essential.

Content within this section of the platform is currently limited with additional information and tools soon to be added.

Marketing gap analysis
Competitor analysis
Environmental analysis
What is your unique selling proposition?
Target market analysis
Buyer-customer personas
Buyer journey
Promotion which way is best?
Pricing strategy
Marketing budgeting