Our talent sourcing service

Looking to hire a new marketing , communications , advertising or marketing related technology specialist for your business? Take advantage of our progressive low-cost talent sourcing service.

Marketing Search’s talent sourcing process

At Marketing Search, we are thrilled to provide our registered businesses and agencies with Australia’s leading low-cost talent sourcing solution. Our service offers both primary (candidate search) and secondary (reach, dialogue and pre-screening) sourcing techniques for market employers.

Unlike traditional recruitment processes, Marketing Search adopts a ‘candidate first approach’ to finding the best fit talent/employer match. As a result, we are able to match candidates with employers that align with their career goals and work preferences.

After undertaking an initial briefing from registered candidates, we assess their competencies, skills, experience and qualifications to determine whether they’re suitable for our talent pool. We then reach out to our registered employers to match the candidate’s work preferences and career objectives to the potential employer’s value proposition and job requirements.

As a sourcing agent, we search and pre-qualify the best candidates for your organisation, then leave the rest of the recruitment process with you. This allows a fluid and fast on-boarding process necessary for today’s best talent, and is more cost effective than the traditional recruitment process.

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How much does our talent sourcing service cost?

We offer our talent sourcing service on a contingent and flat fee basis, which means we only invoice a placement fee if a candidate we put forward and alerted employers to successfully on-boards and is employed within six months of the initial notification.

  • Marketing Search’s contingent fee for finding a successful contractor for contract duration 6 weeks + is $3,000 + GST
    and $1,500 + GST for durations less than 6 weeks.
  • Marketing Search’s contingent fee for successful on-boarding of permanent or PPT staff is $6,000 + GST
  • Marketing Search does not generally provide sourcing services for temporary fixed contracts with duration of less than six weeks
  • Payment of our invoice is due 7 days from the employees start date.

    For Premium + agencies and businesses a full recruitment sourcing guarantee replacement service is provided in the event that the candidate leaves within six months of commencement, other than as a result of redundancy by the employer.

    Jobs we typically source for (both client & agency specialist side)

    Marketing professionals/freelancers engaged in:

      • Digital & Search Marketing specialists
      • Marketing Communications specialists
      • Management
      • Brand Management
      • Marketing Assistants & Coordinators
      • Marketing Research & Analysts
      • Product Management & Development specialists
      • Direct Marketing & CRM specialists
      • Event Marketing specialists
      • Public Relations specialists
      • Media Strategy & Planning
      • Journalism & Writing
      • Agency Account Management
      • Art Direction
      • Video marketing & production specialists
      • Project & Production specialists
      • Web & interaction design
      • Web Development& Production
      • Graphic design
      • Web Development & Production
      • Marketing administration
      • Marketing operational management
      • Marketing trainers


For more information as to how we can assist in your next talent search, please call Neil Anderson on 0425 703 162 or email your position brief or enquiry to enquiry@marketingsearch.com.au. We look forward to helping you find the right candidate to take your business to the next level.

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