Our Services

Marketing Search provides five distinct services for it’s Business Leaders and Marketers 

  • Online search for specialist marketing solution providers.
  • A Concierge Search service for time , resource or expertise poor business owners/marketers.
  • Talent sourcing for Marketing & Creative employees & freelancers.
  • Provision of better practice valued content in the outsourcing of marketing services.
  • Search & facilitation for Marketing related Auditing and Strategic Workshop services.

Marketing Search provides four distinct service to it’s Listed Specialists

  • A free aggregated marketplace platform that promotes selected independent marketing specialists Australia-wide.
  • An option to secure high search visibility positioning and additional valued services and benefits via the platform’s Premium + listing option.
  • Access to Marketing Search’s hidden talent pool of marketing professionals and low cost talent sourcing service.
  • Access to well qualified business leads eminating from both organic and paid /targeted promotions undertaken by
    Marketing Search.

Marketing Search provides five distinct service to it’s Jobseekers and Freelancers

  • A smarter way for Marketing & Creative related professionals to source and be appropriately matched to
    ‘right fit ‘ jobs and contract roles in the hidden marketplace.
  • An aggregated marketing provider platform from which candidates can more readily discover and get insights into
    their local and national prospective employer markets.
  • Access to a Free Advocacy service in assistance in evaluating and targeting employment opportunities.