Paid Search Advertising Specialists

Paid search advertising specialist providers plan, research, design and manage paid search advertising campaigns where the advertisers pays either a set fee for a post or a fee as is the case with Google Ads every time one of their advertisements is clicked.It is a way of purchasing visits to your website quickly, as opposed to earning visits organically. 

Most online users don’t look beyond the first page of search engine results, so having your company appear within the first handful of results ensures you stand a chance of attracting a click-through to your site. Paid search advertising (commonly known as Google Ads or PPC) has the power to generate significant revenue for your business, with most businesses typically doubling their investment, making an average of $2 for every $1 spent on paid search engine ads.

Whether you’re considering paid search advertising for the first time or are already running a PPC campaign and not seeing worthwhile results, hiring a paid search advertising agency can implement and adjust your strategy so that it’s running to its full effect.

Paid search advertising specialists can track how every ad and keyword is performing, allowing for a more accurate return on investment. They can also schedule ads and target them to specific locations and times to better reach your target audience.

A lot goes into building profitable Paid campaigns, especially PPC based including researching and selecting the right target profiles , key words, organising keywords into well constructed campaigns and ad groups, and setting up landing pages that facilitate great conversion rates.


Paid Ad Activities

  • Keyword research for relevancy, long tail search and expanded key word lists
  • Ongoing management of campaigns including addition of keywords and search parameters, addition of negative keywords, splitting ad groups, reviewing costly keywords and refining landing pages.

    Most of the providers listed in this category are independently owned  and exclusively focus on providing specialist Paid Ad marketing services on Google or other search engine platforms such as Bing.

    Each of the specialists listed promote a high degree of competency in paid search marketing and can be contacted for preliminary discussions directly through utilising the contact details provided on their profile template.If you require additional assistance with your selection or a more in depth search then please complete and send on your brief as per our home page and we will get back to your shortly.

Before you proceed to search ?

At Marketing Search we recommend you always take the time to think critically about what you plan to do up-front and be very clear about your goals and outcomes before approaching any provider.

By doing this you will avoid many of those unexpected and un-welcomed bumps and obstacles that arise down the track which inevitably cause cost blow outs and time delays in bringing your project to market.

That said please take a moment to firstly reflect on our Checklist No 1 : Search & Selection of Marketing Service Providers.

Having done some basic research you should now be well positioned to start your search for that ideal partner with and have a better sense of the competencies and attributes required to meet your brief.

We recommend a short listing up to 3 providers be undertaken in your initial search with the aim to further qualify them down to 2. Ask those 2 to then to submit their pitch and proposal in person for your final decision on selection.

Good luck.


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