How to Refine Your Personal Branding

In the era of digital marketing, it’s vital to consider how Personal Branding fits into your strategy. If you’re the face of your company, and responsible for media, networking and face-to-face sales, you’ll want to consider how you present personally to the world.

With so much of modern marketing relying on image-based content, personal branding is an important step in establishing your business’ marketing strategy. 

Here’s our introducer to establishing Personal Branding.

Narrow the Focus of Your Brand

What is your message, and who are you trying to reach? Finding a niche is a great way to narrow the focus of your brand. Once you’ve found your brand, stick to it—and use it to inform every decision you make.

Staying authentic to your personality and style is a great way to ensure the longevity of your personal brand. Consumers are wary of anybody who seems disingenuous. Be yourself, and stay true to your message. If you stay true to your values, you’ll find it easier to manage the day-to-day of managing your marketing.

Celebrate Your Quirks

Each of us is unique, with personality traits and behaviour that transmit our personalities to the world. Think of Oprah Winfrey’s notorious generosity, Ellen de Generes’ trademark dance-party at the start of each episode of Ellen. What about Steve Jobs, the richest man in the world, dressed in jeans and a turtleneck?

Each of these people kept true to their own personality, broadcasting their own quirks to a world craving authenticity. Ellen’s dancing started as a joke, and continued indefinitely, becoming a major element of her hugely successful television show and personal brand. It came effortlessly, as just a glimpse of her fun-loving, sunny personality that the world fell in love with. Steve Jobs has become a modern icon, yet with his level-headed, streetwise vibes, he’s more relatable than ever. 

You’re Speaking my Language

To know and engage your demographic, you need to use the same language. Words are built from life experience, education, culture and society. Sharing values with your target audience is vital in establishing trust and staying true to your own personal brand.

Find a Platform for your Brand

Creating a website is a breeze with a wealth of free, open-source web-based platforms. Secure a domain and use it as an online portfolio, gallery, online store or contact portal. Link it up with your Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn, and you’re building your brand and using platforms to tell stories that engage and relate your target audience. 

To read more, see Forbes’ 10 Golden Rules of Personal Branding and 7 Things You Can Do to Build a Personal Brand.

Neil Anderson is the founder of, a privately owned and operated Australian platform enabling businesses to transform their marketing impact and profitability through better agency search and selection, talent sourcing and project optimisation services.