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Six reasons why outsourcing marketing will benefit your business

Considering whether outsourcing marketing to an external marketing specialist is the right move for your business? There are more benefits to outsourcing marketing than you may think.

Most SME’s tend to retain their marketing in-house, often stretching their marketing team to take on marketing responsibilities in conjunction with other roles. This approach is understandable – it provides businesses with a greater sense of control over workflow and supports the perception that in-house marketing keeps costs minimal.

For larger organisations with better resources, much of the marketing responsibilities can be managed internally, unless a need arises for a particularly high level of specialisation outside of internal capabilities.

However, regardless of the size of your business, internalising all of your marketing responsibilities may not always produce the best work or be the most cost effective choice.

In this new age of business, we have moved away from the old world of traditional marketing, to the new world of modern digital marketing which demands a totally new skillset and continuous dialogue with empowered customers.

If you’re wondering whether you’re ready to outsource your marketing, take the following questions into account. When considering these factors, you may realise the value in outsourcing marketing, or even a portion of your marketing efforts, to ensure your business gets the best possible outcomes.

If you decide outsourcing marketing is the next logical step for you, check out our tips to choosing the right marketing specialist for your business.

1. Can you manage the complexity and diversity of modern marketing?

Today, marketing has become increasingly complex and fast paced, demanding businesses to have a greater depth and breath of expertise across multiple technologies, platforms, devices and channels to market.

For most SME’s and larger businesses with limited marketing resources, the shift from traditional offline marketing to modern digital marketing presents a real challenge, but is essential to better connect with our target audiences.

Keeping abreast of digital developments whilst also creating and distributing marketing content, editing, managing social media, updating blogs, responding to campaigns, etc, takes hours of ongoing dedication.

If your in-house marketing team lacks the time and/or expertise to engage in these activities, outsourcing marketing may be a viable solution. Outsourcing not only produces better performance outcomes, but will actually save you time and money in the long run, freeing your staff up to focus on other high-priority tasks for your business.

2. Can you extract integrated value with your internal marketing resources?

Many marketing projects are better served and more economically efficient when undertaken by marketing agencies that can leverage integrated specialist teams, savings you considerably more time and money.

A good example of this can be seen in the building of a bespoke website, where you need collaboration between graphic, branding, architecture integration, UI/UX and SEO.

Bringing in a freelancer can have some merit, although in many cases it doesn’t always equate to lower costs. Freelancers are generally ideal for small projects and minor work as their skills and expertise are usually restricted to one or two areas of specialisation, making them a good add-on to your existing in-house team.

3. Can you and/or your marketing team stay focused and work to a structure and accountable plan?

Outsourcing marketing to an external agency will generally lead to a more structured and disciplined approach to the execution of your marketing strategies.

Due to time and resource constrains, many SME’s execute their marketing in a adhoc and reactive way, never being completely sure which strategy or tools are best deployed to achieve the best return on their marketing investment.

This approach can end up wasting a lot of time and money, as employees get distracted by on-the-run marketing tactics that turn out to be unproductive. For example, you might not be sure which digital platform is the best for future proofing and scaling up further down the track, resulting in the business spending a lot of money only to have to reengineer a new platform 18 months later.

Outsourcing marketing to an experienced digital agency firm will know which tactics yield the best results and keep you focused on the right path to achieve your goals.

4. Do you effectively measure your ROI on your marketing spend?

Most marketing agencies measure their success and performance in terms of the return on your marketing investment.

In effect, they attach their efforts and ideas to a specific new revenue goal, providing you with a firm, objective insight into how much additional revenue you are getting back from your campaigns or project investments.

If you aren’t currently measuring this, it’s probably a key indicator that it’s time to enlist the help of an outside agency so as to better understand your performance outcomes.

5. Are you and your team keeping up with the work and deploying latest strategies?

Take an inventory of the number of outstanding hours of work there is every month pertaining to your marketing strategies, plans and projects, and ask your team how they’re travelling.

If the outstanding hours are consistently high, this is a tell tale sign that you may need external help and that your in-house resources are probably stretched and pressured.

Marketing, especially digital marketing, is continuously changing, and the best marketing campaigns are the ones that stay ahead of the major trends. If you’re not able to allocate sufficient time to researching the best strategies, your campaigns will not resonate with your target audience or produce the outcomes you seek.

Engaging a specialist agency to do the work for you, or in collaboration with your team, will relieve the backlog, reduce employee stress levels and ensure you get the best advice on which marketing strategies to engage in.

6. Is your creative good enough to rise above the noise ?

If your business is struggling to achieve growth and generate enough leads or sales enquiries, it’s likely down to the fact that your marketing strategies and communications are amiss in one or several areas.

More often than not, it comes down to a basic lack of creativity in campaign communications and innovation in distributing and promoting your messages.

When was the last time you did something creative and innovative? When was the last time you thought outside of the box to get the attention of your target audience? Is it time to consider outside help?

Outsourcing marketing – what’s the next step?

To develop the necessary in-house marketing capabilities will require significant and continuous investments in technologies, as well as the ongoing training of employees. That’s a big ask, especially for small and medium sized businesses.

Perhaps the answer lies within embracing values of balance and collaboration to get the best outcomes for your business and valued employees. Often, outsourcing marketing is the most cost effective way to get effective, ongoing results.

Before you consider outsourcing all or part of your marketing activities, it might be valuable to consider investing in an independent audit of your marketing and its related activities.

A marketing audit will provide you with a first step, giving you an objective understanding as to where things are at, what’s working and what’s not, and what needs priority attention.

This exercise will provide you with a fresh insight towards the strategies and pathways to best allocate your people assets and optimise your future investment in marketing.

If you’re ready to outsource your marketing to high quality specialists who will add value to your business, search via the Marketing Search platform or email us with your requirements and we can assist you in finding the right auditor today.

Written by by Neil Anderson
4th Jan, 2018

Neil Anderson is the founder and director of MarketingSearch.com.au a privately owned and operated Australian marketing search platform that enables businesses to transform their marketing impact and profitability through provisioning of better agency search & selection , talent sourcing & upskilling and project optimisation services.

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