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Mobile Application Development

Mobile app developers listed in this section are engaged in developing and publishing apps for smartphones and mobile devices. App developers utilise multiple development platforms depending on the type of app being built and the mobile operating systems being deployed such as Android & iOS.

The mobile app development process typically involves:

  • Idea/Strategy
  • Requirement Analysis
  • Planning (resources, budget timeline, specification)
  • Design (experience/interface/technical)
  • Development & Testing
  • Deployment & Support

Mobile app developer roles and activities:

  • Creation of smartphone apps (native & hybrid)
  • Script and code writing
  • Design and user interface consulting
Providers listed on our platform may provide these services in isolation as a specialist mobile app developer, or within a web development agency as one of several technology disciplines.

Before you proceed to search for providers?

At Marketing Search we recommend you always take the time to think critically about what you plan to do up-front and be very clear about your goals and outcomes before approaching any provider.

By doing this you will avoid many of those unexpected and un-welcomed bumps and obstacles that arise down the track which inevitably cause cost blow outs and time delays in bringing your project to market.

That said please take a moment to firstly reflect on our Checklist No 1 : Search & Selection of Marketing Service Providers.

In addition you can also check out the valued information we have listed in our Better Practice Blog section to further support your next outsourced project.

Having done some basic research you should now be well positioned to start your search for that ideal partner with and have a better sense of the competencies and attributes required to meet your brief.

We recommend a short listing up to 3 providers be undertaken in your initial search with the aim to further qualify them down to 2. Ask those 2 to then to submit their pitch and proposal in person for your final decision on selection.

Good luck.

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