We seek to overtime become the first and repeated on-line destination for many of Australia’s small to medium businesses seeking marketing solutions be that a rebranding , building a website , organising an event, curating content, increasing traffic, running a campaign , planning or buying media etc . A destination where they can be assured to find object and independent search expertise and quality providers that have the expertise to deliver an above average deliverable outcome and value.

All selected specialists listed on the platform will generally aligned with the under-noted business profile , shared values and attributes.

• Independently owned and operated registered Australian business.
• Financially stable and growth orientated.
• Proven track record and focused in servicing SMB (10-200 employees) sector and/or Large business sector market (200-1000 employees).
• Demonstrated in-house high levels of specialisation(s).
• Provide a personal,responsive, flexible, transparent and partnering approach to clients.
• Technologically savvy and proven work portfolio.
• Innovative , collaborative and progressive work culture.
• Have a stated point of difference – strong brand identity – personality.

Our value offering to specialist providers is premised on recognition of the need to address several fundamental challenges and opportunities facing agency owners being;

1) Continually building a pipeline of well qualified new business prospects seeking longer term partnerships with their suppliers.
2) Readily and more cost effectively finding and attracting best fit permanent and contract talent to support future growth objectives.
3) Building industry connections and inter agency referral and partnering opportunities.
4) Undertaking greater collaboration with like minded valued driven specialist firms for competitive advantage.
5) Better promote and educate the market on the value in engaging specialists over generalist.
6) Freeing up time for owners to work more on their business as opposed to in it.
7) Maintaining touch with the shifting client market and services landscape.

The primary client market we serve are marketers and entrepreneurs looking to further improve and/or transform their marketing effectiveness , impact and professionalism.
In addition ;

That recognise and value strategy, creativity and specialism as the central drivers for differentiation , attention and success in marketing today.
Are seeking specialist expertise and bespoke solutions to their marketing challenges and problems.
Have established marketing budgets who measure investment value in performance outcomes not lowest price upfront.
Seek and value partnering , personalisation, flexibility and transparency in their supplier relationships.
Value independent objective guidance in the search and selection of solution providers and talent.

Listing as a Premium + specialist on Marketing Search

All of the specialists and agencies listed in our registry are aligned for search purposes in our database according to their core service specialisations and in-house capabilities.
Specialists that are selected for inclusion in our register are initially listed as a Premium provider and subsequently provided with the option to upgrade their listing to Premium + status and tailor their promotion on the platform in exchange for a small annual investment.

With a Premium + listing in return for a small annual investment providers can further raise their profile and search visibility on the platform.
Further to this Premium + listings gain access to a package of additional valued service benefits including the opportunity to securing one or two at most limited category featured listings on the platform, lead generation referrals emanating from paid and social campaigns undertaken by Marketing Search, discounts of several strategic services , priority talent alerts and much more.

Special note for specialists who have not been listed on the platform

Specialist marketing businesses who have not been approached nor listed can apply for listing by submitting their request online or contacting Marketing Search directly.
Acceptance for all non listed providers is dependent upon market service demand and value skills each provider brings to the platform.

Providers in most cases will need to be registered independently owned businesses and highly proficient in one or more of the listed service categories on the platform.
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To discover more about the benefits for providers attaching to a Premium + listing and our unique approach to talent sourcing, check out these links:

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