Specialist marketing solution providers

At Marketing Search, we aim to help businesses connect with the right marketing service providers to suit their requirements and company culture. We provide businesses and marketers with two options in relation to their search either via accessing our concierge search service or through users undertaking their own search of a pre vetted curated portfolio of Premium specialist firms which are featured and promoted openly on the platform.

All specialist businesses and agencies listed in our registry are considered to be quality and proven providers and are aligned for search purposes in our database to their core specialisation(s).

Specialists can elect to upgrade their listing to Premium + status and tailor their promotion on the platform in exchange for a small annual investment. With a Premium + listing they can access a package of valued service benefits in addition to securing high visibility in search be that through users undertaking their own or engaging Marketing Search’s agency concierge service.

Either way we seek our users to find their best fit solution in the market be that locally or nationally.

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