Strategic Workshops and Audits

Have you considered an expert lead workshop (strategic or training ) or an independent audit of your marketing activities?

Struggling to achieve growth and generate enough leads or sales enquiries for you business? It could be due to the fact that your marketing strategies , communications are amiss or you need to improve skills . This is where marketing audits and workshops can help.

If your business has plateaued and you don’t know where to turn, its time you considered investing in a marketing workshop. These services provide the opportunity to reassess issues that need some critical and fresh thinking. It may also be helpful to have someone independently conduct an audit of your marketing activities and practices..

Both strategies provide your business with the opportunity to stand back and reconsider the goals for the business. It also allows you to re-examine the effectiveness and relevance of the current marketing activities.

Use the Marketing Search platform or submit your workshop , audit or training project brief as below with your requirements and we can assist you in finding the right workshop facilitator , trainer or marketing auditor today.

Step 1 of 3 - Brief

  • Example: Agency Search for new Event Activation Agency , Planning Strategy Workshop , SEO Audit etc ..., Social Media Training
  • Example: Critical attributes / skills experience profile that you need this working relationship to have? Provider location? Proven industry sector experience? etc .......
  • Example : Spell out the specific outcomes you seek to make your engagement a success. Purpose of this engagement and what problem will it address? What budget range is applicable for this project? Readiness to execute on issue or project? Timeline for project etc .......

How much do marketing auditors, trainers and workshop facilitators cost?

There is no precise answer to this question, as the costs can vary significantly. How much you spend will depend on the specialist you hire and the scope of the work required. Auditors and workshop facilitators and trainers will naturally make more recommendations as you rise up the pay scale. Their services can range from facilitating half day workshops through to building simple or highly detailed marketing plans.

Why use Marketing Search when arranging workshops or marketing audits?

By choosing a quality specialist provider using Marketing Search, your marketing audit or workshop can be readily streamlined and customised in a cost effective manner. By sending us a brief we can connect you with a locally based specialist who has intimate knowledge and proven experience in delivering the marketing service your organisation needs.

Marketing Search maintains a directory of proven specialists who can facilitate (strategic or training) workshops or marketing audit on most aspects of your marketing activities. Audits and workshops can either be conducted in isolation or collectively across multiple areas, including;

  • Your current marketing plan
  • Your website & SEO performance
  • Your Adwords – PPC performance
  • Your advertising & media buying
  • Your infrastructure and resources
  • Digital marketing campaigns – performance & optimisation
  • Your measurement & reporting
  • Your marketing processes and technology

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