Concierge Search Service

Limited time and resources to conduct your marketing specialist search?

Let us do it for you. Our concierge search service will find you the right fit marketing specialist for your requirements.

When outsourcing work to marketing professionals, all businesses want to find the right fit. The problem is, sometimes there simply isn’t enough time or resources for business leaders to conduct the in-depth search required to find the most suitable agency.

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This is where we come in.

If you don’t have the time or resources to conduct your own marketing search, take advantage of our concierge search service and let us do the hard yards on your behalf.

The Marketing Search team will carefully filter through our database of highly qualified, reputable marketing specialists to find two to three marketing agencies or specialist that are best placed to meet your brief. We’ll make sure the short listed solution providers we recommend have specific expertise in the area you require and have a team culture that fits with your company.

How does our concierge marketing search service work?

Our concierge marketing search service requires you to submit/discuss your brief as above , providing details of the scope of the work required and the desired outcomes. From there, we proceed to research and vet the market including undertaking conflict checks and contact with the providers to come up with a preliminary shortlist of six to eight potential ‘best fit’ providers.

Our comprehensive search ensures we only shortlist specialists that adhere to the level of competency, availability and alignment to your budget parameters and cultural fit. In addition these specialists are benchmarked against our own propreitory selection critiera which requires us being satisfied that they meet with close to 20 key selection considerations.

Following distribution of the initial project brief to the selected preliminary specialists we then follow through and discuss with their respective account managers their preliminary response and levels of interest with the objective of further qualifying down to a shortlist of 3 specialists.

Finally we will then provide you the client with the information you need and discuss each shortlisted specialist with your stakeholders with the view to proceeding to invite proposals or request additional information in writing or via presentation.

If you subsequently feel it appropriate to have shortlisted specialists pitch your project or aspects of your ongoing marketing account we only recommend paid pitches and keeping them to two or three max.

We also make available through our blog better outsourcing practices content to support you in your search & selection which you can access at anytime.

Finally before settling on your final selection we would always recommend a personal visit to at least two of the shortlisted business offices , to enable you to test in person their cultural and communication fit with your team.

How long does it take to complete the concierge search process?

The search is generally completed within 10 working days from instruction and naturally dependent on your brief providing us with the necessary basic information we require.

How much does our concierge search service cost?

Marketing Search’s concierge search service fee is dependent upon the degree and scope of work your brief requires us to undertake.
A basic concierge search where the brief is relatively straight forward and one where service competencies are generally readily
available in the market may take 5 hours to complete and cost you between AUD$500 and AUD$1000.

Following submission of your brief , you will be contacted by one of our specialist search consultants who at that time will
further validate your requirements and provide you at that time with a fixed quotation for the search services you require.

For more information as to how we can assist you in your search, please call Neil Anderson on 0425 703 162 or email us your search brief or enquiry to

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