About Us


We are a creative and specialist driven marketing services platform that is centred on enabling businesses to significantly improve and/or transform their marketing impact and profitability.

Our service solutions are premised and designed to directly address the ever increasing challenges associated with modern marketing practice resulting from the rapid changes in technology , buyer behaviour and the media landscape.

We are not an agency as such , we are however the people and platform you come to when you need to find the best fit marketing specialists and/or talent for your business.


Our mission is fourfold;

1.Change the way most businesses traditionally go about their search and selection of marketing services and open their discovery to greater expertise and performance outcomes.

1.Provide a better way for discerning marketers to find and be matched to their right fit job opportunities and provide ongoing free advocacy support on career development, progression and coping with constant change.

2.Provide business owners & marketers with more effective ways to channel and manage the increasing information overload , complexities and demands in todays marketing function.

3.Promote and encourage businesses & their marketers towards developing greater skills and focus on strategy , project management and making change happen to ensure business growth and career tenure.


We work with forward thinking business leaders and marketers that recognise and value creativity and specialism as central drivers for marketing differentiation , attention and success today.

Businesses that are seeking high end expertise and bespoke solutions to their marketing challenges and problems.

Businesses with established marketing budgets who measure investment value in performance outcomes not lowest price upfront.

Businesses that seek and value partnering , personalisation, flexibility and transparency in their supplier relationships.

Businesses that value independent objective guidance in the search and selection of solution providers.


Our purpose and focus is on enabling businesses to find their ‘Best fit’ marketing specialist solutions and/or the ‘Right Fit’ marketing talent needed to cut through and bring success and future growth.

Our points of difference relates to a marketplace platform that promotes;

Solution providers with demonstrated high levels of specialism and creativity in their marketing craft over generalists or those promoting bundled package or offshore solutions.
Small to medium independently owned and operated Australian marketing specialist and agency firms over larger businesses or those attaching to internationally owned holding companies.
A candidate centric cost & time efficient approach to the matching and placement of marketing talent over traditional drawn out and expensive traditional recruitment processes and practices.
A commitment towards developing better marketing practices and benchmarking standards with the community of marketers we serve.


  • Challenge you to re-evaluate and reset your approach to your marketing and in doing so ensure you continue to compete and grow.
  • Simplify and generate greater awareness of the broader market solutions landscape and options open to you and keep you informed of new developments.
  • Save time, risks and costs associated in your search and selection of best fit marketing partners and talent from across Australia.
  • Provide you with access to a hidden pool of talent , speed up your on-boarding ,reduce your talent acquisition costs and improve talent retention.
  • Provide your business with valued insights ,knowledge ,processes and training to better plan , prepare and optimise your marketing and manage outsourced projects.
  • Provide businesses with an independently objective solutions platform from which to transform a businesses marketing impact and profitability.

  • Simple, structured search processes for finding premium marketing solution providers Australia-wide (both diy and via a concierge search service) .
  • Better practice frameworks and knowledge around how to better manage the associated risks in outsourcing marketing activities and optimise performance outcomes for projects .
  • Businesses with a pre qualified and vetted portfolio of premium specialist providers across multiple service categories locally and nationally.
  • Client-side marketing and agency employers with a highly cost effective and efficient way to identify ‘right fit’ permanent and on demand marketing talent.
  • A structured knowledge portal centred exclusively on the promotion of fundamental marketing strategies to deploy and benchmark for success.


    Technology has changed Marketing and made the landscape more complex and fragmented. It has also empowered the buyer market , increased competition and is increasingly forcing many businesses to re-evaluate their current business models.
    As a consequence it is imperative that businesses reset their approaches to marketing practices to maintain relevance and visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

    At Marketing Search we believe that it is no longer good enough to be average in your marketing practices in order to compete , you simply won’t cut through the market noise and be heard , your marketing practices needs to be above average and the sooner the better.

    Problem for most small to medium size businesses is that they are generally time , resource and expertise poor when it comes to marketing and will increasingly struggle to keep up with better practices due to the speed of technology change.

    Barring a significant investment in marketing resources , it is our fundamental belief that the best strategy to counter these challenges is to outsource more of the marketing to specialists.

    Outsourcing makes good business and economic sense however is only as good as the business’s ability to manage the process and pick the ‘best fit ‘ partner(s) . The approach and process of agency search and selection for many SME’s needs to change and move away from its traditional practice of relying on referrals from friends /peers or using the same agency they have in the past for their future needs, both of which limit a business’s options and potential for delivering top performance outcomes.

    What is needed is greater discovery and consideration towards engaging alternate provider solutions that offer greater specialisation , greater insights , more efficient execution and business partnering and customer service levels that lead to better customer outcomes, growth and returns on your marketing spends.

    The age of the internet has now brought commoditisation of products and services to a new reality for many businesses. The only sustainable competitive advantage businesses increasingly have comes down to how they communication , how they market and the customer experience they provide.

    For businesses employing in house marketing professionals the pace of technology change will also present additional talent retention challenges.

    It is our belief that employers will need to invest in further skills development of their marketers towards developing higher valued strategic competencies as automation in the workplace increases.
    We are also conscious of the fact that the structure of work and workplaces will change significantly from here forward and that investments in the up-skilling of employees will support ongoing retention, stability and the overall performance for businesses.

    Make sure your business is not settling for average marketing solutions and continually investing in the up-skilling of your in-house marketers.

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