Managing Change with a Growth Mindset

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Managing Change with a Growth Mindset

Managing Change with a Growth Mindset

Anyone in business knows that change is the only constant in marketing. Trends come and go, but major changes in technology and innovation mean that big shifts are a nature of the industry. With a growth mindset, and a willingness to keep learning, you can easily manage the unpredictable nature of marketing.

Be a Perpetual Student

Lifelong learning doesn’t have to be in the classroom, although a solid base-level marketing qualification is an excellent start to a career in marketing.

Staying educated means always learning about changes to marketing trends. You might have a monthly marketing magazine subscription, read blogs, listen to podcasts, or meet with other strategists to discuss the changing landscape of marketing.

Be curious to the world around you. Remain open to changes, and watch what other companies are doing.

Consistency is King 

If you’re making major changes within your company, keep this clearly communicated to all staff. Maintain consistency, stay on message, and allow time and space for managing change at a project-level. Consumers expect change, but if you haven’t established trust or personalisation, they might feel left in the dark. Keep your audience engaged with relevant content and information, and bring them along with any changes that occur.

Always Use Analytics

Use data and analytics to see how change is affecting your target market. Depending on their demographic, you might take up some new changes, and stay classic on others. While millennial might prefer to get their news online, the over-70s still tune in for the 6pm nightly news.

Have a Growth Mindset

Modern school classrooms are havens for children to learn about fixed vs. growth mindsets. Young people learn how to reflect on their own mindsets, using instance of learning as an opportunity for emotional growth. Children and adults alike can reflect on their attitudes in the real world, too, embracing challenges, practising resilience, and learning from constructive feedback.

Having a growth mindset in marketing means that you’re open to change. The tools of growth mindset can equip you with creative solutions to problems, lateral thinking, and the ability to bounce back from what might feel like a marketing failure.

Create Your Own Change

Good companies adapt to change, but some of the strongest ones create change themselves. Knowing that change is inevitable is wise, and being prepared for it is even better. But creating change through true innovation and creativity can be the biggest reward of all.

Game-changing companies like Apple, Facebook and Uber had the courage to see the world differently—and take a chance on innovations that were new, unusual or risky. They had a well-defined niche and target-audience, and launched their innovations with confidence. Ultimately, not every risk pays off—but you never know unless you try.

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