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If you’re struggling to achieve growth and generate enough leads or sales inquiries, it could well be down to the fact that your leadership’s marketing practices, strategies, and tactics are entrenched in the past and confined to playing safe and operating within the norms of your category.

Meaningful growth through marketing can only be realised through leaders adopting a more open focus towards alternate thinking and genuinely striving to seek out and drive changes, build and support innovative cultures and practices.

With the aforementioned in place through the discipline of auditing, you can cost-effectively spot both opportunities and identify the roadblocks that relate to driving business growth and improvement in your business. In this section we post insights and strategies for improving leadership market orientation/self-assessment and the auditing of marketing practices and resources.

Conducting a regular marketing audit is an essential low-cost way to drive business improvement for any business. If you’re struggling to achieve growth and generate enough leads or sales inquiries, it could be down to the fact that your marketing strategies and communications are amiss.

Marketing audits are like health check-ups, but for your business. Undertaking a marketing audit provides the opportunity for you to stand back and revisit your goals for the business, and if done right, can save you thousands of dollars. An audit allows you to realign your plans and once again question who your target audience is, redefine your brand persona and check in with your milestones.

One of the biggest mistakes businesses make is waiting until a crisis point to conduct a marketing audit. Just like regular health checks, regular audits can be a great way to avoid future problems. If you’re a new business, an audit provides a great starting point to launch your initial strategy and can set you on the right path from the get-go.