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Whilst, segmentation allows businesses to better understand different groups of customers. It tells us where a group lives, their demographics, and perhaps some of their buying behaviour. Customer Persona’s, on the other hand, allow businesses to better understand these groups, and to recognise key traits within them.
How well do we know our customers, who they are, what they consume, how they consume things, where they hang out etc etc.
As the market increasingly fragments, businesses will need to keep in contact with the shifting behaviours of the consumer marketplace.

In order to create a representative sample of a customer audience, personas are based on the analysis and research of real customers. This helps to build a much more detailed picture of the (hypothetical) customer, including far more emotive information such as personal motivations, what they value in a brand, what kind of communication they prefer, etc.

Brands are then able to take this insight and use it to deliver a much more relevant and less one-dimensional experience.

As with understanding the buyer journey often businesses fail to invest the time in refining their audiences resulting again in wasted activities and costs.
Marketers have learned that the purchase process is a journey, and consumers advance through a process the industry has called ‘the buyer’s journey.’ The buyer’s journey is a framework that acknowledges a buyer’s progression through a research and decision process ultimately culminating in a purchase. Many businesses fail to give this fundamental subject the focus that is needed resulting in a misalignment of activities and potential new customers and revenue.
Content for these subjects is currently under development and due for release in Nov 2019.