Business Leaders & Marketers

Business leaders and marketers through Marketing Search, can more readily identify and connect with some of the best in class marketing solutions and talent in Australia. We offer an innovative integrated services platform from which businesses can transform their marketing impact and profitability through smarter search & selection of providers and talent and knowledge to support improved outsourced marketing project performance .

Benefits for business leaders and marketers

In Australia, business typically go about finding their marketing solutions through word of mouth or referral or through trawling through endless listings of agencies on search engines. These methods are both time consuming and limited at best in identifying the best option for their businesses.At worst many just stick with who they know hoping that their agency will have the necessary skills and insights to optimise their marketing spend without exploring sufficiently alternatives which in many cases are better equipped to get the performance outcomes needed.

In relation to sourcing marketing talent many businesses struggle to attract the right talent and often find their pool of candidates are limited to the smaller active candidate market as opposed to those from the significantly larger hidden talent markets.

Marketing Search brings business owners and marketers a better way to navigate the marketing solutions landscape and find their best fit solution be that specialist search , talent sourcing or project optimisation related.

Services provided for business leaders and marketers

To find out more about how Marketing Search works and how our platform can work for your business follow these links to learn more:

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> Who’s our business customer and what we believe in?
> The specialist marketing categories we promote
> Our concierge search service
> Our workshops & auditing service
> Our talent sourcing service

Upgrade your registration to Business Premium +

Avail your business to a range of additional valued benefits and services through upgrading your registration to Premium +:

Concierge search services Standard fees apply Additional 15% discount
off standard fees Charges for search service requests will vary depending on the scope of the brief submitted and activities required (e.g. having Marketing Search distribute and collate requests for proposals/information on behalf of a business).
Facilitation of strategic workshops and/or audits Standard booking and facilitation fees apply Additional 15% discount off standard fees Fees for workshops will vary depending on facility, facilitator charges, duration, catering, etc. Fees for audits are dependent on scope of work required and expertise sought.
Marketing and business training services (offline and online) Standard fees apply Additional 15% discount off standard fees Marketing Search facilitates tailored marketing related training via offline workshops and provides online courses via selected educational alliance partners.
Sourcing services Standard fees apply Additional 15% discount off standard fees Standard sourcing fee for permanent or permanent part-time candidate
$6,000 + GST

Standard sourcing fee for contractor engaged for contract greater than six weeks
$3,000 + GST

Sourcing fees are contingent based (no placement = no fee)
Contract assignments under six weeks are charged at $1,500 + GST
Talent alerts Not provided Yes Premium+ business members are provided with priority alerts on new candidate registrations that align with their ongoing or future staffing needs.
Psychometric testing and assessment services Standard fees apply Additional 15% discount off standard fees Marketing Search provides businesses with a range of assessment services, including staff assessment for development and succession planning purposes.
Aggregated product/service promotions and deals Yes Yes Marketing Search aggregates its community of marketing agencies, marketers, jobseekers and suppliers to secure and offer valued products and services.
Annual Fee Nil $500 + GST Upgrade to Business Premium+

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