The Marketing Search approach to Talent Sourcing

Our approach to talent sourcing and how we work with you

The Marketing Search platform provides two key search services. One is focused on sourcing premium marketing agencies and specialist firms and the other on discreetly sourcing jobs for marketing professionals and talent for employers.

Our talent pool and job search service aims to benefit candidates, marketing service providers and employers. Our innovative approach to marketing recruitment hopes to contribute to the growing strength of the Australian marketing industry.

We struck upon the idea of a job marketplace that matched the best people to businesses in a way that was candidate driven. Just like digital marketing is taking over traditional marketing techniques, we believe a candidate-first approach is the way of the future for job seekers.

We are continually building an extensive employer membership base of leading agencies and client-side brands. From where, we are establishing better insights into the current and emerging talent demand in the market.

Using this vantage point, we are building a talent pool of marketing professionals who seek to adopt a more strategic and confidential approach to their job search.

Why a new approach is needed for job seekers

All you need to do is take a quick look at the traditional approach to marketing recruitment to realise why candidates are increasingly open towards finding a better way to find their ideal job. Consider that:

  • The majority of jobs today are still gained through referral.
  • Lion share of jobs are not advertised, with the hidden jobs market keeping the best fit employees away from applying for their dream job.
  • A very large number of candidates never receive updates from HR or recruiters.
  • Traditional recruitment processes are too slow and cumbersome to attract great talent.
  • Most recruiters work in a sales pressured environment, limiting their time to ensure a candidate’s best job fit outcome.
  • The number of recruiters who focus and specialise in the marketing and creative industry, particularly outside Sydney and Melbourne, are few and far between, with most being generalists with minimal experience.

Marketing Search keeps a ongoing track of the type of high-demand candidates and contractors that agencies and brands find it challenging to source for.

We adopt a candidate first approach to our job seeking service. First we establish our candidate’s preferences, skills and needs and then match them to client market demands. This is the opposite approach to traditional client driven recruitment and results in a better fit for both candidate and employer.

Our recruitment process

When registering with our talent pool, our process is as follows:

  • We provide you with a free job seeking advocacy service.
  • We determine your job preferences, skills and career needs and then match them off against our network’s current and emerging needs and opportunities.
  • We provide you with some initial feedback, guidance and insight into the current level of demand for your skills and market opportunities.
  • We get to work with our extensive network of leading agencies and brands, mapping your needs against those of our agency & brand member clients.
  • Where there are immediate potential matches, our advocate and candidate will check which employment opportunities you are interested in pursuing.
  • Upon agreement by employers to approach, our advocate arranges for your profile to be confidentially alerted to the hiring executive at the agency or brand in question.
  • The hiring executive will then respond to our advocate with the a request to organise a preliminary chat/meeting/interview as required.

From this point forward, Marketing Search leaves the recruitment process to proceed between the employer and candidate. Alternatively, we can continue to work with you to find your ideal role.

Register today for a smarter approach to securing your best fit marketing role.