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Conversion Optimization & Marketing Analytics

Conversion optimization

Conversion optimization specialists cover a range of skills that all affect conversions. From content management systems and survey tools, to web analytics, user experience and technical project management, CRO practitioners go beyond testing to constantly improve the conversion results on an organization’s website.
They understand seo, software, analytics, content management systems , voice of customer have survey skills , UX expertise , technology stack familiarity and IT project management abilities.

This sector predominately includes specialist CRO agencies.

Marketing Analytics

Marketing Analytic specialists skills are centred on the management and analysis of metric data in order to determine the ROI on marketing initatives and efforts and the identification of opportunities for improvement.

Marketing metrics are the data points and analytics is putting that data in the context of your brand and market, telling stakeholders a complete story about how marketing efforts are driving revenue.
Specialists in this domain typically comprise of analysts, statisticians and data engineers who collectively building from a solid data operations foundation will enable the use of analytics across a marketing organisation..