Contemporary Advertising as it is often referred to today can best be considered across three segments – Above the Line (ATL), Below the Line (BTL), & Through the Line (TTL) Marketing.
Advertising activities are differentiated on the basis of marketing motives, target groups, and the budget of the marketer.

Above the Line

Above the Line advertising consist of advertising activities that are largely non-targeted and have a wide reach. ATL communication is done to build the brand and inform the customers about the product.
Above the line marketing includes mass marketing strategies which are largely un-targeted and are focused on building the brand.

Examples include Tv , Radio , Print (magazines & newspaper).

Main advantages of ATL is that it has wide reach , mediums like TV better connect with audiences and plays an integral role in brand building.

Below the Line

Below-the-line advertising is very specific, memorable with activities focused on targeted groups of potential buyers.
Below the line marketing includes direct marketing strategies directed to specific target groups with a focused on conversions rather than building brand awareness.
Examples include Outdoor Advertising , Direct Mail Marketing , Sponsorship , Brand Activation and In-Store Marketing.

Main advantages of these forms of Advertising is that below the line promotional efforts are focused on the specific target group, have a better reach, can be easily executed, tracked, controlled and tailored to specific groups leading to better ROI in terms of conversion.

Through the Line

Through the Line advertising involves the use of both of the aforementioned marketing strategies. Recent trends in buyer and consumer behaviour requires integration of both strategies for better outcomes.
Essentially advertising campaigns are developed for both brand building as well as buyer conversion.
Sometimes above the line strategies are used to execute their direct marketing strategies.

Examples include integrated marketing often referred to a 360 degree marketing and digital marketing which offers above the line benefits as a below the line communication to the prospective
buyer. This type of advertising is cookie based where users get highly personalised communications based on their needs and behaviours.

Each of the specialists listed promote a high degree of competency across most if not all forms of advertising with the exception paid search advertising which is treated as a seperate category on this platform. All listed specialists can be contacted for preliminary discussions directly through utilising the contact details provided on their profile template.If you require additional assistance with your selection or a more in depth search then please complete and send on your brief as per our home page and we will get back to your shortly.

Before you proceed to search ?

At Marketing Search we recommend you always take the time to think critically about what you plan to do up-front and be very clear about your goals and outcomes before approaching any provider.

By doing this you will avoid many of those unexpected and un-welcomed bumps and obstacles that arise down the track which inevitably cause cost blow outs and time delays in bringing your project to market.

That said please take a moment to firstly reflect on our Checklist No 1 : Search & Selection of Marketing Service Providers.

Having done some basic research you should now be well positioned to start your search for that ideal partner with and have a better sense of the competencies and attributes required to meet your brief.

We recommend a short listing up to 3 providers be undertaken in your initial search with the aim to further qualify them down to 2. Ask those 2 to then to submit their pitch and proposal in person for your final decision on selection.

Good luck.


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