Apply for a PREMIUM + listing for your specialist marketing business

Specialists listed or applying for the first time can upgrade their listing to Premium + to increase their visibility and promotion on the platform and attain a package of several additional valued services and benefits including favourable discounts on several services and lead generation feeds from targeted campaigns undertaken by Marketing Search. .

The platform provides users with two options to conduct their search for their ‘Best Fit’ solution:

1) They use Marketing Search’s ‘Concierge Search’ service

When users request a concierge search, Marketing Search will undertake a search on behalf of a client and shortlist 2 to 3 ‘Best Fit” specialists for a fee in accord with the scope and requirements of their brief.

2) They can conduct their own search and selection on the platform

With this option, users are presented with a curated and selective portfolio of our featured Premium + specialists aligned to their search enquiries from across Australia whom they can shortlist and contact directly as they require.

What are the additional benefits provided in listing as a Premium + specialist ?

Service category listings Marketing Search includes you in its specialist register which is not visibly promoted As Premium+ you can select to be listed against three core service discipline search categories Service specialisims selected need to mirror your core major in-house activities and competencies, not hired offshore or subcontracted. Specialisims listed cannot exceed 3 in total.
Access to search tool and page positioning of profile Search tool access not provided , specialist profile may be listed temporary and subject to displacement due to Premium + listing demand : variable Search tool full access provided , specialist profile listed permanently and position order rotated frequently : fixed for 12mths Search tool can be used for competitive analysis, identifying collaboration partners or growth acquisition. Profiles are searched via filters of Speciality and State .
Featured promotion on Better Practices content postings No Yes Premium + specialists can contribute to Better Practices and in doing so, promote their expertise in postings.
Social Media coverage No Yes Social media shares by Marketing Search for Specialist and their Better Practice postings. .
Lead Generation
Referrals emanating from concierge search services only Yes Yes Initial concierge search centres on Premium + listed providers
Referrals from organic plus concierge search and paid campaigns undertaken by Marketing Search. No Yes Marketing Search undertakes a mix of it’s own paid lead generation campaigns.
Talent Sourcing
Special discount on sourcing, headhunting and psychometric testing services. Not provided 20% Sourcing fees are contingent based on placement.A replacement guarantee is provided for Premium+ listings.
Credit of AUD $500 off your first sourcing fee. Not provided Yes
Talent alerts Not provided Yes
Aggregated Product/Service Promotions & Deals Yes Yes
Annual Fee Nil 1 Premium + specialist discipline category listing = $500 + GST
2 Premium + specialist discipline category listings = $750 + GST
3 Premium + specialist discipline category listings = $900 + GST
Multiple state location Premium + listings = Referred and subject to individual negotiation.

Questions? Please contact us at or apply to list below to find out more about the benefits and costs associated with a Premium + listing.

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